The Philadelphia Fusion are a defunct  professional basketball team that played in the American Basketball Association for two seasons before folding.

The Fusion were based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


  • Owner - Alex Rosa's
  • Head Coach(es) - Jarren Jackson (who was a former NBA champion)
  • Assistant Coach(es) - Jim Blieam


The Fusion played one full season in New Jersey as the Jersey Squires before moving to Philadelphia for it's second - and last - season to become the Philadelphia Fusion. The team folded in January 2005 before it finished it's second season.

Season-by-Season RecordEdit


In their first season playing as the Jersey Squires, the team went 3-23 but made it into the playoffs anyway, and were defeated in the first round by the Kansas City Knights.


In their second - and last - season playing as the Philadelphia Fusion, the team went 9-10 but folded before the season ended.



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