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    November 25, 2013 by Signaturewikiballer

    Hi, ABA Wiki users. I'm here to respectfully ask you to please refrain from criticizing coaches and officials from the ABA.

    Yes, I know the ABA had a history of shitty business practices and shady owners, but this website is intended to inform us about the ABA, not mock it and post our own opinions on anything other than the comments.

    If you want to share what you feel about the ABA, then go to the forums at OurSports Central. The link is here:

    Again, please refrain from posting irrevelant opinions or demeaning information on any of the pages - the comments, however, I can tolerate.

    Thank you for cooperating, and have a good day. Signaturewikiballer (talk) 07:41, November 25, 2013 (UT…

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    OK, lets face it: The ABA has no where NEAR packed with talent as the NBA D-League or even international basketball. The main reason is because the league REFUSES to check-over it's list of owners time and time again.

    In fact, ABA "owners" are often men and women with criminal history who are just in it to scam local fans off of their money.

    Because the ABA won't give a damn, I decided to compile a list of the 5 WORST owners in ABA history - and yes, this list will include expansion teams.

    Yeah, it's pretty bad when the ABA has an owner of a team who, gradually, over time, gets caught in legal trouble. It's even worse when the league accepts an owner who's ALREADY BEEN IN JAIL. Adbur Shabazz we all already know as a can artist, someone who sh…

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    Hello, today we are here to discuss something that is very annoying and often hard to find for the general fan base of the American Basketball Association,

    Information on it's teams.

    To many fans, finding info on their favorite teams can be a chore and is very, VERY hard due to these two details:

    1. often has little to no information on it's teams, mainly it's coaching staff and it's history.
    2. Many teams don't receive much coverage on the internet or the general media (even OurSports Central, the Internet's premiere website on the subject of minor league sports, stopped actively covering the league early-on in it's history - unless you count the forums and roster updates).

    So many fans of the ABA tend to get frustrated when trying t…

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    Welcome to the very first instalment of the ABA FAQ #1, the series in which I ask various ABA representatives (ABA officials, coaches, franchise owners, etc.) questions about the ABA.

    For the very first installment of ABA FAQ, I had the pleasure to speak with ABA CEO Joe Newman and Seven City Knights ABA franchise owner Richard Blue. The questions and answers are down below.

    Me: What was the purpose of postponing operatiooperations for the 2002-2003 season?

    Newman: When we started the ABA in 2000, the goal was to have at least 8 teams. After the first two seasons, it appeared that there were only seven viable teams and that the "model" was exactly right. We took a year off to re-do the model which we did.

    Me: When exactly does the ABA season s…

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