Hello, today we are here to discuss something that is very annoying and often hard to find for the general fan base of the American Basketball Association,

Information on it's teams.

To many fans, finding info on their favorite teams can be a chore and is very, VERY hard due to these two details:

  1. often has little to no information on it's teams, mainly it's coaching staff and it's history.
  2. Many teams don't receive much coverage on the internet or the general media (even OurSports Central, the Internet's premiere website on the subject of minor league sports, stopped actively covering the league early-on in it's history - unless you count the forums and roster updates).

So many fans of the ABA tend to get frustrated when trying to find information regarding their favorite team's history/coaching staff/etc.

Well, don't fret, people, because here's my Pro Guide to Finding Information on the ABA!

Let's start at the beginning.

Finding Team History

For most fans, the history of their teams are easily found using one website - Wikipedia. However, one problem some fans - including myself - have with this method is that the history section isn't very detailed and doesn't have very many references to website that contain the information.

Now, obviously, the Wikipedia coverage isn't really the best, and OurSports Central is out of the question, so one must wonder,

How can I find information regarding the history of my favorite ABA team?

Well, there are two ways to solve this question,

  1. Make sure you specify that the team your searching for is an ABA team, as some franchises share their name with teams from other teams from other leagues, for example, when searching for history of the Texas Fuel, make sure to type "Texas Fuel ABA basketball team".
  2.  Be persistent and look REALLY hard for any possible information regarding the team's general history. As any ABA fan like myself can tell you, when looking for information regarding your favorite team's history, most of the actual sources won't be on the first two pages full of results. Keep in mind, however, that expansion teams are the only exception to this rule.

Finding A Teams Coaching Staff

Finding a team's coaching staff is a little more easier than finding info on a team's franchise history. Here are two methods of finding information regarding the team's coaching staff:

  1. Search for the team on, most of the information should be found there.
  2. Go to any ABA team's website and click on the "News" or "Roster" tab, information regarding the coaching staff should be found there. Keep in mind, however, that expansion teams are exempt from this method.

So, ABA fans, there you have it, a Pro's Guide to finding information on your favorite ABA team. Thank you for reading and I do hope this helps you in finding info regarding your favorite teams.

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